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We have tried to contact you with no response. If you have a Dormia Mattress and you are the original purchaser of that mattress and have proof of purchase, your mattress does have a 20 Year Limited Warranty. If you would like to file a claim, please contact our Warranty Dept. at 877-707-7533 or via e-mail at

Classic Brands, located in Jessup, Maryland has been a leader in the field of specialty sleep products since 1971. The original company Classic Corporation was created in 1971 and quickly grew to be the leading producer of waterbeds and waterbed products in the world. In 2002, Classic became Classic Sleep Products and began to produce high quality memory foam and latex mattresses. In February of 2010, Classic underwent a change in ownership and management and became Classic Brands, LLC.

We are dedicated to manufacturing the finest mattresses using craftsmanship, innovative design and the finest materials available anywhere in the world. Our goal is to provide you the ultimate in mattress comfort resulting in the most satisfying and restorative sleep possible. Classic has developed and produced an innovative line up of products that quickly gained recognition throughout the bedding industry. These products are focused on giving our customer the optimum sleeping experience. This is achieved by using highly specialized materials that are designed to work in concert with your body and allow you to get the deepest most restful sleep possible. Our products help to rejuvenate your body and allow you to go through your day with a higher level of energy than you ever could have imagined.

Classic's products are designed and crafted with pride at our over 100,000 square foot facility based in Maryland just outside of Baltimore. We have manufactured millions of quality mattresses over the years. We have a unvarnished track record of customer service. We sell to the largest Mattresses companies in USA. We have a dedicated staff of over eighty employees who all take great pride in making some of the finest mattresses sold today. The company has always been known as a leader in finding innovative new ways for people to sleep in a healthier way. We are committed to continuing that tradition and will always be on the cutting edge of producing innovative ways for people to sleep in a healthier way. Remember, that the average person spends one third of their life in bed. People who sleep well at night tend to perform better at their jobs, spend more time with their families and are in general much healthier than the average person. Our sleep systems are designed to help you get the maximum benefit out of each night of sleep. We hope you will consider investing in one of our systems. We feel strongly that such an investment will pay dividends for many years to come.

Harriman, New York

We bought our split top queen size mattress in 2/08 & within months the legs starting breaking off & the mattress on my husbands side started saging.

We took the option to not pay for 18 months w/no finance charges & when the bed started to break down we contacted customer service & were told they would send us out new legs & then someone would come out to our house to replace them. Well we never received the legs so we went to the store we bought it in & found out about the Chapter 11.

A salesman there had one spare leg in the back & gave it to us for us to put on ourselves & told us not to worry, Dormia was honoring its warranty & everything would be fine. BS We have contacted the Better Business Bureau which has had some back & forth correspondence w/the company but they want us to pay a fee for someone to come to the house to look at the bed. WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO DO THIS? They want us to pay a fee to file a complaint. WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO DO THIS? They want us to take pictures of the sagging mattress, which I now see from other complaints won't be good enough, so WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO DO THIS? I just want the bed removed from my house! & I do not think I should have to pay anything for it. I'm not sure how this will end, but we just got a letter saying they have sent us to a collection agency. Now what? Our credit will be ruined?

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as soon as you get the letter, dispute the validity of the debt. That freezes it right there.

You then contact the credit bureaus and look for a negative from that company. Never call the collections agency, never take calls from them, only submit written requests via "certified mail return receipt requested".

You have a few options. You can pay for a deletion, if the negative already exists. You can go ahead and file with the BBB and then harass the collection agency to prove that the debt is valid. Ask them to show you the original documentation proving that this debt belongs to you. It works, trust in the system.

I would recommend asking folks on

I researched Dormia before buying, and I'm glad I did.


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