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I bought three queen Dormia mattresses several years ago for each of my adult children. They were happy with the mattresses.

But Our family recently moved from McLean, Virginia to Washington, DC and 2 of the 3 mattresses are now not useable as a result of the move. Our professional moving company placed 2 of the 3 mattresses on their side inside the truck for the 10 mile move. They were in the truck for only 3 hours at the most. When the movers placed the mattresses on the beds in our new home, all the insides of the mattress had bunched up and gathered at one end.

I tried everything to get them to regain their original flat shape including placing one on top of the other. Nothing works. I contacted Dormia only to be told that they will never go back to their usable condition. They offered the suggestion that I try to take them to their headquarters in Maryland where they could try to cut open the top and reapply the adhesives as they tried to smooth down the layers and that might help but no guarantees.

I do not have the time or the manpower to transport these mattresses and to try to get this done with no guarantee. These were expensive mattresses and I have 3 of them! Two of the three are now ruined. I have no choice other than to pay someone to remove them and throw them away and replace them (with something else!) I have looked through the whole web site, all the reviews and comments on the Internet.

I saw no where in any of their promotional literature that the mattresses cannot be moved or laid on their side. Furthermore, our movers who have been in business for several decades have never heard Of this. Most mattresses are moved on their side.

That is the way they lay them for transport inside the truck. I am extremely disappointed in this company.

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last week we had the same situation happen where the plastic pieces on the motor snapped off. we cant seem to find any information regarding spare parts for this bed.

dormia says its not them, that its actually the manufacturer of the frame that is responsible. can anybody help us out.

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Great, I have a Dormia and my back is beginning to hurt. I've had it less than a year.

My suggestion is that you need to hire a lawyer to write a demand letter to the company.

I will, as my husband is an attorney. Good luck.


11/2/13 I'm going through the same thing. Just moved and the mattress is not usable.

The entire top layer just shifted and bunched up in areas.

If there were a zipper on the side it would be an easy fix. Unfortunately I'm now stuck with a very expensive useless bed.


I am in the same position and they are telling me that I have to get them the mattress from PA to MD. I am going to take them to court. I haven't been able to find any documentation that states the matress can not be placed on its side.

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