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In 2010, the Dormia brand was purchased by our company Classic Brands LLC. We have tried to contact you with no success. We have read your post and really don’t understand your issue. If the issue is that you damaged your bed with use of an electric blanket, use of an electric blanket will damage any memory foam mattress, and this is clearly stated in both the warranty and instruction sheets. If you would like to discuss this matter further, please contact our Warranty Dept. at 877-707-7533 or via e-mail at

Classic Brands, located in Jessup, Maryland has been a leader in the field of specialty sleep products since 1971. The original company Classic Corporation was created in 1971 and quickly grew to be the leading producer of waterbeds and waterbed products in the world. In 2002, Classic became Classic Sleep Products and began to produce high quality memory foam and latex mattresses. In February of 2010, Classic underwent a change in ownership and management and became Classic Brands, LLC.

We are dedicated to manufacturing the finest mattresses using craftsmanship, innovative design and the finest materials available anywhere in the world. Our goal is to provide you the ultimate in mattress comfort resulting in the most satisfying and restorative sleep possible. Classic has developed and produced an innovative line up of products that quickly gained recognition throughout the bedding industry. These products are focused on giving our customer the optimum sleeping experience. This is achieved by using highly specialized materials that are designed to work in concert with your body and allow you to get the deepest most restful sleep possible. Our products help to rejuvenate your body and allow you to go through your day with a higher level of energy than you ever could have imagined.

Classic's products are designed and crafted with pride at our over 100,000 square foot facility based in Maryland just outside of Baltimore. We have manufactured millions of quality mattresses over the years. We have a unvarnished track record of customer service. We sell to the largest Mattresses companies in USA. We have a dedicated staff of over eighty employees who all take great pride in making some of the finest mattresses sold today. The company has always been known as a leader in finding innovative new ways for people to sleep in a healthier way. We are committed to continuing that tradition and will always be on the cutting edge of producing innovative ways for people to sleep in a healthier way. Remember, that the average person spends one third of their life in bed. People who sleep well at night tend to perform better at their jobs, spend more time with their families and are in general much healthier than the average person. Our sleep systems are designed to help you get the maximum benefit out of each night of sleep. We hope you will consider investing in one of our systems. We feel strongly that such an investment will pay dividends for many years to come.
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We purchased our Dormia mattress during a promotion offering no interest.

Coupled with the fact that it was easily $1,000 less than Temperpedic, we were

sold. We had never owned or slept on memory foam prior to owning it. Which

in part, was admittedly a mistake. The memory foam is exactly as its name suggests,

by developing areas that remain depressed from the upper body. The upper

area of that mattress remains sunken lower than the rest of the mattress. We

had noticed this was reversible by merely rotating the mattress 180 degrees.

However this is not an easy task, as the mattress is far too heavy for one person

to adjust by themselves. Others have claimed that the middle begins to sink towards

the center as well. This is apparent as the outside edges of the mattress have an

added layer of stiff foam for support.(edge support). The middle will appear to have

returned to its natural shape, at least until its laid on again. Though for how long

has yet to be determined. We have not had ours for very long and already other

Dormia owners are claiming that there mattresses are compacting.

Like I said I am not a memory foam expert. I can tell you that the foam used for

furniture cushions does have a rated life expectancy, ranging from 2-10 years

depending on the quality. Dormia makes up for this by offering a ‘25 Year

Limited-Lifetime Warranty.’ And I do mean “Limited.”

It is also Very Important that I mention the potential Fire Hazard of these mattresses

as well. There is a vague mentioning in the Dormia Warranty that if electric heating

blankets are used on the mattress your warranty will be void. This is not--in any way--a WARNING issued to consumers of the potential fire hazards of Dormia mattresses.

It is simply a short statement randomly placed to give notice of what will void your warranty.

They tell you not to use a heating blankets, only there is no explanation as to why.

What they also do not mention is the fact that any water spilled will destroy your

investment, let alone void your warranty. There is a special plastic sheet cover for

an additional $80 that is used over the mattress to protect it from spills. Again there

is no mention of this extremely important fact in the warranty.

While spilling water is in no way a threat to your safety or possibly burning down

your home, it is a rather important warning that should be in the paper work to help

prevent you from accidentally destroying your investment. We did read the warranty

paper, only now we wish we had read it entirely, as we had used a heating blanket

on the mattress just as we had on mattresses our entire lives.

A Heating Blanket is like a sheet or a comforter in that, it is made to be used in the bed.

Therefor, any person with logical reasoning would not think to consult the fine print of

their warranty to make sure it is safe to use something the way it is intended to be used.

Hair dryers and other electrical devices known to be used in places where there is the

possibility of getting wet, HAVE WARNINGS ON THEM. Despite the fact that most

people are intelligent enough to know not to, they still must have these warning by law.

Dormia must believe they are above the law, or perhaps they feel that these laws do not

apply to their products. As the mattress itself contains no warnings about the flammable

nature of its materials. What ever materials that are used in Dormia mattresses are extremely

heat sensitive. So sensitive in fact, that the heating blanket had burned the mattress through

two sheets. Yet, the sheets, my shirt, and my skin were not burned. This leads us to the realization that if the heating blanket had malfunctioned or the temperature had

become far too hot, I would have been burned or even the sheets at least would have been as

well. They were not burned, which could mean only one thing, the materials used in these mattresses are far more susceptible to heat damage than any other mattresses.

Apparently the foam holds the in heat until it builds up to a combustible temperature. This is especially interesting because the Sales person at the Dormia store found the heat distributing

properties of the mattress to be one of its best highlights. We were concerned that the mattress

would become too hot from our body heat and affect our sleep. The Sales women assured us

that the built in wool pad was state-of-the-art material Dormia used to provide adequate heat dissipation from the body.

Well, unfortunately we found out that this claim was false not because of all the times we would wake in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, turning the AC temperature down, rather it was when we woke to the smoke detector blaring in a room filled with thick smoke and the foul smell of burning wool. The clock read about 12:30 which meant that a little less than an hour had past since we had gone to sleep, and the mattress began to smolder. Luckily it did not burst into to flames. Although, it may have if not for the lack of oxygen between my body and the area of the mattress that was burning. I felt the heat just below my left oblique and thought to myself that it felt allot hotter than the heating blanket normally had. Just as I opened my eyes to look for the

blankets temperature control, the smoke alarm went off. I wasted no time turning on the light to find the dire condition of the room. I threw the blanket on the floor and ripped the sheets from the mattress to find the red glowing embers wandering around a 10" by 6" depression. What would resemble a piece of paper burning at the edges before igniting.

The very next morning I contacted Dormia to inform them of our very unfortunate situation that had occurred. Before the Representative had even asked if either of us were injured, She very rudely informed me that the warranty was void due to the use of the heating blanket. “Sir,” she said, “I have noted on your account that your warranty has now been voided.” I asked how that could be considering heating blankets were meant to be used in bed? I told her that the blankets temperature was normal after the fact. She insisted that the blanket must have malfunctioned resulting in the burning of the mattress and then informed me to consult my warranty agreement.

I read the agreement and found where it did list the use of heating blankets along with a few other things that would void the warranty. I asked the Representative why no warnings had been placed in the warranty about such use, as I noted the fact that many people might also use a heating blanket over their mattress as they are meant to be used. She replied very rudely once again that, it does have a warning in the warranty. After arguing the fact that no where in the paper do the words, Fire, Warning, Hazard, Combustible, Flammable, Danger, or Heat exist, I gave up to no avail. I than humbly inquired the possibility of having our mattress recovered, as the outer most layer of material suffered the most damage, and that having it recovered would conceal it. The Representative said “. . .there is nothing more Dormia will do for you, your warranty is expired Sir.” I explained to this person that, I understood Dormia’s position as well as our warranty being void as it was our fault (I suppose). I asked if they would please have our mattress recovered and that we would pay for whatever the cost was ourselves. “Sir,” she continued, “We do not recover mattresses.” I reminded her, that in the warranty agreement she had just asked me to read it stated that, defective mattresses would be ‘Repaired, and or Replaced.’ She said, “Yes, that is true but only while the mattress is under warranty.”

Since these events, our phone calls to Dormia have gotten us nowhere. We turned the mattress and now the burned area rests under our feet, which its ok considering the sheets temporarily hide its ugly reminder.

We have filed complaints with the BBB Online, and again Dormia was unresponsive to our request for replacement or even repair. The BBB case remains open and unanswered as of today. As well, we also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission for Dormia’s lack of responsibility to inform their customers of the potential fire hazard that their products posses. As well as their bad business practices. The FTC claim has yet to be posted on their website or acknowledged by response from them in receipt.

We now feel that we have exhausted ever effort that would have afforded us retribution, and we accept this unfortunate disposition. However, we post our story in the hope that it will help to inform anyone considering to purchase Dormia mattresses of the potential dangers of their materials. Please do not waste your money on this companies products, if you have decided

on a memory foam mattress, my best advise would be to research the product however you can before buying, ask these questions, and check out the warranty agreement very carefully.

While my emotion may have bled into my resolve and inadvertently suggested we are merely bitter consumers who are hellbent on cooperate takedown. I respectfully suggest that you go to the Better Business Bureaus website, BBBOnline and see for yourself. Dormia is not registered with the BBB, and has thousands of customer complaints throughout the US. />Dormia (a.k.a. Advanced Comfort) Company headquarters is located in Jessup, MD.

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